The Rainbow Houses of San Francisco

by Daniel Triassi | 7x7

San Francisco wears its Pride on its sleeve—and in many cases, on the facades of its iconic Victorian homes—all year long.

Take a ROY G. BIV–hued tour of the city's most vibrant houses.

Roses are red in Pacific Heights. (Daniel Triassi)

Orange you happy to live in North Beach? (Daniel Triassi)

The yellow is mellow in Pac Heights. (Daniel Triassi)

In Haight-Ashbury, green is always choice. (Daniel Triassi)

The Mission has the blues. (Daniel Triassi)

This indigo girl lives in the Castro, of course.

Hey Mission, you're turning violet! (Daniel Triassi)

She's a rainbow in Noe Valley. (Daniel Triassi)