SFGATE's most stunning photos of 2020

SF Gate | Blair Heagerty

Skaters from across the Bay Area meet up at Skatin’ Place in Golden Gate Park for a Friday night roller disco hosted by David Miles Jr., the Godfather of Skate on Oct. 30. Miles has overseen the outdoor roller disco events in Golden Gate Park for decades, and they became a special release for people during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Blair Heagerty/SF Gate

2020 ended up being the year no one expected.

From the coronavirus pandemic to the killing of George Floyd to a series of fierce and historic wildfires that literally turned the skies orange over the San Francisco Bay Area, this past year packed a seemingly endless progression of life-altering events one after another.

But there was also incredible resilience in the face of it, as we collectively started to change what was once viewed as unchangeable.

At SFGATE, our photo department attempted to provide visual context to the year that was with thousands of photos and countless hours editing. These photo represent a comprehensive retrospective of a year no one could have predicted, and no one will ever forget.

The highways over Oakland had only a fraction of their normal traffic volume because of shelter-in-place orders in May. Photo: Patricia Chang/Special to SF Gate

Roberto Hernandez, founder of the San Francisco Lowrider Council, poses in front of his Chevy Impala on Oct. 17. for the sixth annual Cold Frisco Nights in the Mission. Photo: Blair Heagerty/SF Gate

Brianna Noble leads a moment of silence with raised fists during the Heels Down Fists Up equestrian protest in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement July 26 in Marin. Photo: Marissa Leshnov/Special to SF Gate

Beverly Chills performs at the Fishbowl, a socially distanced live show in the windows of the 116-year-old 116-year-old Red Victorian hotel, Saturday, Sept. 26. Photo: Robby Durler/Special to SF Gate

Photographer Benny Villarreal captured stunning images of the salt ponds near Newark, Calif., in the San Francisco Bay. Photo: Benny Villarreal

California Street, usually filled with cable cars, is seen empty on March 18. Photo: Josh Edelson/Getty Image

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