Plans for Infilling within the Alamo Square Landmark District

by SocketSite

Speaking of plans for building new accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in San Francisco, the development of which has greatly lagged expectations, plans to remove ten (10) of the eleven (11) garage doors and parking spots at the base of the twelve (12) unit building at 1100 Fulton Street, across from Alamo Square, are in the works.

As proposed, the ten openings would be filled with new, but matching, brick, wooden windows and paneled doors. And behind the infilled façade, six new accessory dwelling units would be constructed, including four one-bedrooms and two twos.

​And while the building, which was designed by Edward E. Young and built in 1924, is a contributor to the Alamo Square Landmark District, as the proposed project would cause minimal changes to the form of the building without removing any character-defining features or materials, “with the exception of a limited amount of historic brick at [its] base,” Planning staff is recommending the project’s approval, conditioned upon the naming of a conservator to approve the infill materials and oversee their installation and plan.