An Uber-Smart House That Seems Perfectly at Home in Silicon Valley

Almost everything in this three-level abode can be controlled via phone or tablet

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The beautiful Italian design and a Portugese limestone exterior provide outstanding curb appeal, while meticulously landscaped grounds call to mind a Mediterranean retreat. Photo: Mindframe LLC

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Location: Palo Alto, California

Price: $4.49 million 

Designed and built by former Google executive-turned-founder of Mindframe Development Marton Jojarth, this impeccable Old Palo Alto home is a sleek marriage of classical form with modern texture and convenience. Mr. Jojarth, who said he has "very conservative, classical taste, deep down," cited the classical Italian architect Palladio as his inspiration. 

The home’s design is informed by principles of symmetry and geometry, with the arched windows on the first floor balanced by marginally smaller, rectangular windows on the second floor. 

The home’s modern elements, particularly its clean and fresh interior design, are reflective of today’s tastes, while its character is enhanced by quirky designer light fixtures, and what Mr. Jojarth calls "sculpted" walls, which are created using large panels of engraved wood affixed to the wall and painted over. 

According to the home’s agent Michael Repka, it "truly exemplifies a seamless integration of luxury design with the market's most innovative technology. Combining exquisite finishes with unparalleled home automation, this property truly embodies the Silicon Valley lifestyle."

And the home is completely soundproof, employing Quiet Rock sheet rock in the walls, and windows of over one-inch-thick laminated glass. "I’m a perfectionist," Mr. Jojarth said, "and I don’t cut corners. This house was not made to maximize profit, but to maximize my own satisfaction."

The living space on the main floor opens onto a relaxing patio area and well-manicured lawn, shaded by mature trees. Photo: Mindframe LLC


The 3,250-square-foot home spans three levels, and has six bedrooms and five full bathrooms. It sits on a 5,000-square-foot lot.


You would be hard pressed to find a smarter home than this one. Everything that can be automated—controlled via smartphone, tablet or voice—is. Even the plumbing is high tech. You can tell the shower to turn on a few seconds before getting in; you can tell the kitchen faucet how many ounces of what temperature water to pour for you. Meanwhile, all the LED lights in the house will change color at your command, and your phone will show a live video of whoever is ringing your doorbell. 

This home’s open source automation system, deployed via CAT 7 wiring, has an advantage over other commercial automation systems. Mr. Jojarth describes this open-source system as being "more like an ecosystem built around Samsung smart things. It will never be out of date, as new products can always be incorporated into the system as they come onto the market."

Alongside its impressive technology, the home boasts fine appliances, materials and finishes. The completely soundproof house features natural stonework with exterior granite and interior marble, two-inch walnut slab room dividers, and a marble-appointed laundry room with a Miele washer and dryer. 

The outdoor space includes a backyard lawn and an automated water feature, and a detached, finished one-car garage that could also be used as a fitness room.

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