5 Rooms, 5 Redesigns

by Mansion Global | Originally Published April 26, 2021

Mansion Global’s guide to giving your spaces a makeover, from the living room to the home office

Photo: Joshua McHugh

The unprecedented amount of time stuck at home over the past year due to the pandemic has made us all acutely aware of what’s just not working in our spaces.

In the U.S., for instance, the desire for a bigger—more functional or simply more scenic—place to work and school, cook and relax drove more than five million people to buy a home in 2020, driving sales to a 14-year high, according to figures on existing-home sales from the National Association of Realtors. Meanwhile, demand for newly developed houses also soared, with the Census Bureau reporting new-build sales in 2020 rising to a level not seen since before the financial crisis of 2008.

So now, there’s a universal rethink of what we need from our homes. It has revived old-fashioned spaces like the dining room—which was slowly fading away from modern living in favor of eat-in kitchens and open great rooms. Meanwhile, the kitchen, marble-clad trophies built for show more than utility in many luxury residences, elbowed its way back into the center of daily life. The bedroom became the escape no one could travel to, an all-encompassing getaway during a time of intense mental distress; while on the flip side, home offices have never worked harder. Whether you’re one of millions of people now making a newly purchased home your own or desperate for a change in the one you’ve got, let Mansion Global guide you through the essential steps needed to redesigning these spaces and more.

Recipes for Redesigning Your Kitchen Designed by Charbonneau Interiors, this kitchen features reclaimed beams on the ceiling and other features that remind the owners of their beloved Texas ranch house. Photo: Miro Dvorscak The kitchen, the traditional heart and hearth of the home, is taking on a more expansive and oftentimes more expensive role in everyday life.

As families readjust to their lives to various degrees of pandemic lockdowns and telecommuting, the space is being used for everything from a home office and a homework station to a place to eat...Read More

Designed by Charbonneau Interiors, this kitchen features reclaimed beams on the ceiling and other features that remind the owners of their beloved Texas ranch house. Photo: Miro Dvorscak.

The Essential Guide to Redesigning Your Living Room

In many houses, the living room is the most well-loved area, naturally, because most families spend the majority of their time in it. And while it should have certain ingredients—comfort, space to spread out and multiple seating areas, the essentials for utilizing the space—it also needs a sense of style. Whether your living room is so well loved that it’s showing its wear, or you’re simply seeking some change, we turned to the design pros for advice on how to makeover this central space,so that it looks and feels like the very heart of the home...Read More

Designed by Nicole Michael, this living room features sophisticated tonal neutrals. Courtesy of Nicole Michael Designs.

Redecorating the Most Sacred of Spaces: The Bedroom

There are so many reasons for needing a bedroom refresh: Maybe you’ve been staring at the same décor since you first moved in—a decade ago—maybe the space could be more soothing overall or maybe you just need a general lift.

Whatever your reason, outfitting this most sacred of spaces with a brand-new perspective not only creates more inspired surroundings, but it can renew you a little, too. Here, advice from the design pros on everything you need to know for a top-to-bottom overhaul...Read More

Designed by Chiara de Rege, matching wallpaper with a headboard adds graphic detail. Photography by Joshua McHugh.

Sprucing up Your Home Office Can Be Easy Work

Over the past year, homeowners have been rethinking the functionality of their homes. Pandemic lockdowns have turned houses and apartments into places of work, learning, and entertainment, and creating a dedicated office space is more important than ever.

Some renovators are finding that working remotely creates opportunities to transform formerly sterile work areas into offices that are bright, personalized and inspiring places. And appearing on camera for video meetings means people are giving particular thought to design choices, from lighting to furnishings to wall color and decor. Here’s how homeowners are approaching their home office upgrades...Read More

Ample shelving storage, a fold-down desk and simple lines make for an attractive and multifunctional bed wall unit hideaway bed wall unit. Photo: Nolasco Studios Photography.

Don’t Count the Dining Room Out

The dining room is back. Many architects have shifted away from separate reception rooms in favor of open-floor plans in recent years, with dining rooms thought of as “stuffy” or a “waste of space.” But when the Covid-19 pandemic hit last year, many homeowners with traditional dining rooms considered themselves lucky to have an extra room with doors that close and space for studying or working...Read More

A dining nook designed by Elena Frampton of New York City-based Frampton Co. Photo: Joshua McHugh