17 Great Places to Eat in the Marina

Eater - San Francisco | Eater Staff

Photo Greens Restaurant

Ah, the Marina. The subject of much scorn from anyone who doesn't live there. The subject of much love for anyone who does. These days, the streets of the Marina are filled with outdoor diners, enjoying brunch, lunch, and dinner while clad in their winter best (yes, even in the summer), or picking up curbside takeout from its many restaurants. This list contains 17 Marina District restaurants you should not miss, but it’s only a start. There are many gems to be found on Chestnut Street and beyond.

1. Greens Restaurant

Photo: Greens Restaurant

The current crisis denies you the remarkable view from this original SF vegetarian gangster’s dining room, but it has set tables and chairs out for outdoor dining, and its solid takeout menu is available for your enjoyment wherever you’d like.

2. Mamo

Photo - Mamo SF

Colombia and Venezuela meets California at this family-owned spot, which means a menu of dishes like burrata cilantro pepitas with avocado, or pork loin with passion fruit.

3. Le Marais Bakery

Photo - Le Marais Bakery

Beyond gorgeous pastries and bread, Le Marais' Parisian-inspired cafe has breakfast, lunch and dinner for takeout and delivery.

4. Lucca's Delicatessen

Photo Lucca's Delicatessen

For a little piece of North Beach, head to Lucca's, the 80-year-old Italian shop where salami hangs from the ceiling and the obvious order is the #1 Italian combo (salame, ham, mortadella, provolone, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, mild Italian pepper). There are a ton of other sandwiches, plus heaping salads, antipasti, meats and cheeses to satisfy your Italian-American cravings. Plus, it's family owned, which is always feel-good. Call ahead for takeout, or just walk up to order.

5. Dragon Well

Photo - Dragon Well

For 22 years Dragon Well has been serving quality Chinese meals from a variety of regions (their menu boasts jook, Sichuan favorites, and California standards like Chinese chicken salad), a neighborhood standby for lunch and dinner.

6. Blue Barn Gourmet

Photo: Blue Barn SF

If it's a big salad you crave, Blue Barn has what you need — these family-sized salads are enough to leave you feeling virtuous the rest of the day. Right now, your only options are outdoor dining at an adjacent patio area, or takeout via their online ordering system.

7. Delarosa

Photo: Delarosa

Delarosa used to be one's second choice when no tables were free at A16, but now that that's not an issue, it can stand alone for its satisfying casual Italian fare (pizzas, pastas, small plates) that you can enjoy at an outdoor table, to go, or via delivery.

8. Izzy's Steakhouse

Photo: Izzy's Steakhouse

Izzy’s Steiner Street takeout window is where it’s at for reliable steaks, fantastic creamed spinack, and solid cocktails.

9. Zushi Puzzle

Chef Roger Chong and his wife are the force behind this funky sushi spot, which has a devoted following of regulars. Chong procures some more exotic fish offerings that sway farther from the basic yellowtail, salmon and white fish fray, which he's known for arranging in large-scale sashimi platters.

10. The Tipsy Pig

Photo: The Tipsy Pig

Once known as the place to party in the Marina, the outdoor patio at Tipsy Pig is now its salvation, plying diners with good beers, strong drinks, and standard gastropub-style brunch and dinner fare Takeout is also an option for those who prefer to party at home.

11. Bonita Taqueria y Rotisserie

Photo: Bonita Taqueria y Rotisserie

Part taqueria and part rotisserie, Bonita's tacos, burritos, bowls, quesadillas and more are perfect weeknight fare.

12. Alegrias

After 24 years, Alegrias founders Cesar and Nora have sailed off into retirement, but its new owners(including chef Jose Ortez, who worked with Cesar for 17 years) are keeping the paella and sangria party going.

13. Causwells

Photo: Causwells

Causwells is known for its bomb.com burger, but you'd be remiss to overlook the rest of the Southern-leaning seasonal menu of salads, hush puppies, cornbread and more. There's something for everyone, making it a great pick for takeout (call to order) when dining with a disparate group.

14. Westwood

Photo: Westwood

This country bar has become a barbecue pop-up for the pandemic, with Southern-flavored brunch and dinner menus with stick-to-the ribs brisket, sausage, and pork shoulder.

15. A16

Photo: A16

Easily the classiest restaurant in the neighborhood, A16's pizzas and award-winning wine selections are the stars here. Order your meal around the pies, and then fill it out with the stellar appetizers, salads and pastas.

16. Maybeck's

Photo: Maybeck's

Chefs/owners Aaron Toensing and Erik Lowe are sending out perfectly al dente plates of housemade pasta, yes, but there's also burgers, fried, chicken, crudo, and much more in the bright, California style of American regional cuisine.

17. Viva Goa Indian Cuisine

The south Indian state of Goa, once colonized by the Portuguese, holds onto Portuguese influence in its cuisine with curries like vindaloo — from the Portuguese vinha d’alhos, meaning wine and garlic. Don’t miss the wonderful, nicely spicy version at Viva Goa, which is open for takeout with limited hours daily.