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A Cosmopolitan  Island Nation Rooted in Deep History

London is the political, economic and cultural capital of Britain, and its world class tourist attractions are internationally renowned. London boasts 30 historic gardens and 123 historic buildings, and additionally has more than 200 museums, 600 cinema screens, and 108 music halls. London's 33 boroughs, including the City of London, are spread over an area of 607 square miles.

The river Thames runs through the center of London, from Greenwich in the east, through the central London borough of Westminster, to Richmond in the west. Beautiful parks and open spaces cover about 1/3 of the city, so there are plenty of places to relax, weather permitting.

London is incredibly well-connected and toured, with 5 international airports and the high-speed Eurostar rail link. More than 50 countries are within a three-hour flight time and 310 international destinations have direct links to London.

London is the center of the world – and a world in one city, with a wealth of cultural diversity and communities across the capital.  It has more than 300 languages and cuisine from over 70 countries. While English is the official language, several European languages are very widely spoken in and around London. Given the size of the large multicultural population, many other languages are also used in everyday life.


Lifestyle in London


Island Nation

The Largest City in Europe

The First Underground Railway

72 Michelin Star Restaurants

International Entertainment

World Shopping Destination

Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly

Organic Food Available

Beautiful Public Parks

Culture Mecca

Business Destination

Nightlife Destination

​Museums, Theaters, & Restaurants



Multiculturalism is a main feature of London's culture for as long as most can remember, and in foodie terms, this is often what makes it so interesting. From the many markets strewn across the city to shops serving immigrant populations coming from every corner of the world, it's easy to see how chefs based here are inspired by their surroundings.


Bursting with international creativity, London is home to 215 museums and teaming with theaters, concert halls and opera houses, well rehearsed in telling some of the most innovative and popular stories in the world. London's theater scene currently competes with New York's.


A 21st-century city with history stretching back to Roman times, London offers any form of fun and recreation imaginable; yet,  with a beautifully historic backdrop. Weather you enjoy the arts, outdoor strolls or prefer the finer things in life, London's food scene and shopping districts will have you yearning to never leave.


Home to 72 Michelin Star establishments, a Rolodex of luxury hotels, London is the continually redefines the modern 5 star experience with every luxurious accommodation it offers. There are simply too many  luxury hotels, designer shopping and exclusive restaurants to try in just one vacation.

Attractions & Destinations

A Modern City at the Epicenter of Culture


Internationally Certified. Locally Recognized.

Joske Thompson is a licensed Global Real Estate Advisor and has been trained as a Certified International Property Specialist to specifically address the needs of those looking to purchase property in California as a foreign national and U.S. nationals looking to purchase property abroad. He was the President of FIABCI in 2019, an elite network represented in 65 countries with members from all professions of the real estate sector. His extensive knowledge on international property and investment practices, paired with his robust worldwide network, affords Joske the competitive edge to deliver successful strategies for his global clientele. As a member of Top Agent Network, Joske is locally recognized as a top agent in San Francisco. 


Cost of Living Comparison


San Francisco


Food: +42%

Housing: +40%

Clothes: +10%

Transportation: -46%

Personal Care: +53%

Entertainment: +12%

Total Difference: +7%

Exchange: .769 GBP/USD


Hong Kong


 Food: +9%

Housing: +40%

Clothes: -6%

Transportation: -48%

Personal Care: -6%

Entertainment: -5%

Total Difference: -3%

Exchange: .09799 GBP/HKD



Food: +12%

 Housing:  -7%

Clothes: +26%

 Transportation: -30%

 Personal Care:  -1%

 Entertainment:  +9%

 Total Difference:  -9%

Exchange: .569 GBP/AUD



Food: +1%

Housing: -14%

Clothes: +17%

Transportation: -52%

Personal Care: +15%

Entertainment: +3%

Total Difference: -20%

Exchange: .2094 GBP/AED


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The London Economy

as of Aug. 2018

London At a Glance

The UK, a leading trading power and financial center, is the third largest economy in Europe after Germany and France. Agriculture is intensive, highly mechanized, and efficient by European standards, producing about 60% of food needs with less than 2% of the labor force. The UK has large coal, natural gas, and oil resources, but its oil and natural gas reserves are declining; the UK has been a net importer of energy since 2005. Services, particularly banking, insurance, and business services, are key drivers of British GDP growth. Manufacturing, meanwhile, has declined in importance but still accounts for about 10% of economic output.

GDP: $321B

GDP Growth: 1.8%

GDP per Capita: $39,900

Government Type: constitutional monarchy

Trade Balance/GDP: -4.4%

Population: 64.8M

Unemployment: 4.9%

Inflation: .7%

Forbes Rankings

Trade Freedom: 17

Monetary Freedom: 25

Property Rights: 13

Innovation: 12

Technology: 4

Red Tape: 13

Investor Protection: 10

Corruption: 10

Tax Burden: 23


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