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Welcome to California's Golden Gate

San Francisco is one of the world’s premier cities. From its most famous icon, the Golden Gate Bridge, to the exquisite Palace of Fine Arts, the city provides unrivaled attractions, museums, festivals, and art. Dining out is rich with possibilities, from organic Asian fusion to seafood caught fresh that morning. For those who choose to live in San Francisco, the city offers a lifestyle that would be hard to match just about anywhere else on earth.

The Ferry Building Marketplace at the foot of Market Street provides a year-round food emporium and a farmers’ market for local growers. Golden Gate Park attracts walkers, bicyclers, and museum-goers. The Embarcadero invites a long, lingering stroll along the waterfront before stopping for a bite to eat at one its many bayside restaurants. San Francisco inspires its residents to dream big, whether they are walking in the sand at Ocean Beach or jogging along a path at Crissy Field within sight of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Whether you wish to sell a luxury home in Pacific Heights or buy a condominium in South Beach, Joske Thompson will help you navigate the San Francisco real estate market. 


Lifestyle in The City


Michelin Star Dining

World Renowned Entertainment

Vegetarian Friendly

Vibrant Spiritual Life

Organic & Fresh Food

Beautiful Public Parks

Outdoor Activity & Recreation Rich

Culture Mecca

Nature Filled

Yoga and Meditation Everywhere

Bicyclist's Playground

Nearby Wine Country Region

Nearby Snow Region

Dog Friendly

Community Oriented



With access to the freshest ingredients from all corners of the globe and home to some of the most innovative chefs and bartenders in the industry, San Francisco is a foodie's dream. From homemade Jian Dui to the rarest black caviar, San Francisco can accommodate your most adventurous cravings


San Francisco has always attracted the likes of the creatively inspired. A beacon for blending lines and breaking norms, San Francisco embodies the artistic mindset. Home to international attractions, SF MOMA, Asian Art Museum, deYoung and the Contemporary Jewish Museum, SF continues to develop budding artistic revolutionaries and showcase current headliners of the era. 


Offering an endless list of activities for its residents; in the City the possibilities are endless. The surrounding Bay Area hosts a magnitude of frivolities, such as the Wine Country to the North, Silicon Valley to the South, Lake Tahoe to the East and miles of California Coastline at your disposal.


Home to 55 Michelin Star establishments, 34 luxury hotels, the Bay Area is teeming with luxurious accommodations. With median property values continually on the rise, San Francisco is guaranteed to continue to cater to the internationally elite.

Attractions & Destinations

Insurmountable fun. One iconic city.


Internationally Certified. Locally Recognized.

Joske Thompson is a licensed Global Real Estate Advisor and has been trained as a Certified International Property Specialist to specifically address the needs of those looking to purchase property in California as a foreign national and U.S. nationals looking to purchase property abroad. He was the President of FIABCI in 2019, an elite network represented in 65 countries with members from all professions of the real estate sector. His extensive knowledge on international property and investment practices, paired with his robust worldwide network, affords Joske the competitive edge to deliver successful strategies for his global clientele. As a member of Top Agent Network, Joske is locally recognized as a top agent in San Francisco. 

Real Estate Market

Market Indicators

Quarterly Report


Cost of Living Comparison



Food: -25%

Housing: -23%

Clothes: +1%

Transportation: +105%

Personal Care: -29%

Entertainment: -18%

Total Difference: -2%

Exchange: 1.41 USD/GBP



 Food:  -22%

Housing: -4%

Clothes: -18%

Transportation: +5%

Personal Care: -41%

Entertainment: -23%

Total Difference: -12%

Exchange: .12742 USD/HKD



Food: -19%

 Housing:  -31%

Clothes: +13%

 Transportation:  +35%

 Personal Care:  -35%

 Entertainment:  -2%

 Total Difference:  -13%

Exchange: .768 USD/AUD



Food: -33%

Housing: -38%

Clothes: +10%

Transportation: -11%

Personal Care: -23%

Entertainment: -11%

Total Difference: -26%

Exchange: .27231 USD/AED


The California Economy

If it were a country, California’s $2.6 trillion economy would be the sixth biggest in the world behind the United Kingdom. The state represents 14% of the U.S. economy. Home prices in the state are up 83% from the lows of 2011 and finally surpassed their pre-recession highs in 2017. California’s outlook is bright with economic and job growth both expected to be strong over the next five years. Another plus is the $110 billion in venture capital money invested in California companies over the past three years, an amount which is more than five times the total of any other state.

as of Nov. 2017

California At a Glance

Gross State Product: $2,459 B

Population: 39,250,000

Governor: Jerry Brown

Median Household Income: $61,818

Household Income Growth: 3.3%

Median Home Price: $544,300

Job Growth (2017): 1.6%

Projected Annual Job Growth: 1%

Unemployment: 5%

Cost of Doing Business: 13.3% above nat'l avg

College Attainment: 32.3%

Net Migration (2016): 33,500

Moody's Bond Rating: Aa3

High School Degree: 82.2%

College Degree: 32.3%

Masters Degree: 12.3%

Avg Commute Time: 33 minutes


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